flow like water but what happens when water freezes

The concept to flow like water has been in my personal yoga practice since I have started practicing. For the longest I never thought of water in any other form(simply just because I haven’t.) I also say “flow like water” when I am teaching when I want my students to soften their joints or to become more relaxed in their bodies. Emotionally, water to me is letting go of the emotional bullshit that we carry within our practice/lives. I have been extremely inspired by Abstract: The Art of Design: A Netflix Original. WATCH IT!  In the episode that features architect Bjarke Ingels, he is building a development that sits on frozen water and everyone was telling him no but the way the sun hits frozen water the reflection of the sunrise/sunset is so beautiful.So I thought to myself this is  exactly what happens when water freezes in our lives(spiritually) it is a time to reflect in the beauty we have created. 

This week in my practice/teaching:

HIPS | Hart | Throat | Praying ! 

Playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/user/1262459947/playlist/2w5Mb52JVvmNwUtDdkxwPw 



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