the wrong story

Some much of my journey comes from finding myself in the wrong story or a story perhaps. Let’s take it way back to April 2015, during this time I have just finished my first teacher training in greenmonkey a lot of my past wounds had come up and a lot of healing was taking place in both my physical/spiritually body. It was my birthday April 30,2015 (about ten days after my teacher training ended.) when I recognize my life changing I was evolving. This particular day I found myself extremely sad something was not sitting right with me, I went home and cried and then the a/c in my apartment broke. I remember thinking wow 26 is the going to be hard and boy was it!!! (This is my birthday playlist which is extremely sad/fun at the same time:   

Mild fast forward to Sept 2015- I wake up in Italy dropping off my bestie the indieprince to grad school. I write in my journal in pencil that morning “I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore, I am done.” I quickly erase it. I come back home and I wake up in Miami and I am like ok things are not that bad. I wake up that Monday Sept 28,15- things are still not that bad until about 11am shit goes DOWN. We break up and I am done for good this time (basically I had been fighting with the concept of being done since 2008 at this point.) taught one of the best class at 6pm!!!heartbroken and all!

SO if you ever find yourself in the WRONG STORY FUCKING LEAVEEEEEEE !!!!! (I am sure there is a meme on the internet.) From skin to muscle to bone, I LEFT! (Noemi that is for you.) 

Why I am writing this today ??????  I woke up this morning like I have every single morning this past week. How did I get here ? How did I wake up in New York City?

“Things that evolved in one context suddenly find their true potential when they move into another context”- architect Bjarke Ingels via Abstract: The art of design

I was coming home to myself! I have met the most amazing person the one that is going to ride with me in this journey and I was coming home to her to loving her. It doesn’t mean life is not hard cause shittttttt living/dreaming in NY is not easy. I am ready to conquer, 2016 was all about healing and 2017 is all about doing! Doing the things that scare me but give me that thrill. It’s about honoring the BADASSERY in each and every single person I meet and loving them and seeing them and honoring them and just being real!!! The real in me recognizes and sees the real in you! I love u!!!!

Thank you to all my fam/friends/teachers/students/practitioners/lovers/nonlovers/randomsetcccccccc…….

NAMASTE!  It’s all good baby,baby!!!!


Playlist for the week :

Playlist for the year: 

Journey into handstand should really be called journey into life cause sometimes you landed it and sometimes you gotta land on your face.

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