going back to what broke you.

Days like yesterday, I felt my energy completely drained and I just wanted to sit in my shit! {WORST PART} I did- I took a look at my life and thought this is not the way it was suppose to go and I just cried.I felt lonely  and I just wanted to go back to what my life use to look like. Around 6:30pm or 7pm, My friend Noemi called and she was like “why are you doing this?”and this conversation snapped me out of my shit! Basically, it’s okay if everyday is not a positive one:


There is nothing wrong with falling out of the spiritual wagon once in a while but we can make amends and we can start over and we can be even better. Yesterday I was weak but today I can be strong and everyone that I met and if I love you I am going to continue to meet people like you. Were I am good I am going to get even better and were I get it wrong with you I am going to meet you again down the road and I might have been week in this relationship but I am going to be strong and were I was selfish I am going to be giving! My love is going to free me! – Marianne Willamson 


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