Eben Oroz teaching at Stacked Yoga

One of my dear friends/teachers from Miami will be leading two workshop at the Studio I currently teach at Stacked Yoga!


Monday April 10th, 4 – 5:30pm

The Genius of Effort: A 90 minute Asana and Breath Work Class

The road can be hard but thankfully joy is a practice! Joy as does life demands we apply ourselves. It is simply the way of things.  The demand can become heavy. Exhausting. It is a game of effort. It is a simple question of energy. There is a hidden genius within the mastery of this effort. There is great benefit in mastering this energy. This class will work towards both.

The breakdown: We’ll open with a 20 minute meditation. Our focus will be in recognizing how we so quickly shift from optimism to pessimism. These attitudes directly impact how we apply ourselves to effort. Postures can be viewed as technology (antahkarana). Each posture is a tool  that can support us in our shared quest towards joy. We’ll hold the majority of the postures for 2-5 minutes. Maintaining the peak expression of the pose will be an exercise in energy (cultivated through breath) and effort (shaped by optimism or pessimism).

The body will then be thoroughly opened and primed to receive samadhi (the yogi’s joy).

It’ll be a great time working through familiar postures in a new steadiness and focus!


Tuesday April 11th, 4 – 5: 30pm

The Dance of Change: A 90 minute Asana and Transitions Class
The yogi recognizes life to be a stupendous interaction between two great truths, energy and consciousness. The eternal pair dance and dance in timelessness. Their movement create the ripples we know as change (anetya).

The breakdown: The class will begin with a 20 minute meditation. With stillness, sensitivity, and awareness the mind settles. Only from a settled mind can we hope to sense the essence of energy and consciousness in their dance. That is the intention. The class itself will explore the movements and sensations hidden between the postures. The exaggerated slowness, sensitivity, and awareness will create a new definition of fluidity within our experience. Maybe then, at that perfect moment of flow, we remember, “Oh, yeah. I am this dance of energy and consciousness.” From there, the dance continues but now with a certain caliber of awareness.

In savasana we’ll work towards sensing the spanda (the great pulse of life) and softening into its rhythm.This is beautiful exploration of what mindful movement could become within our vinyasa practice.

Sign up HERE: https://stackedyoga.karmasoftonline.com/member/accounts/sign_in


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