Just be!

I woke this morning basically screaming in my thoughts DENISSE, stop saying yes to the things you truly are a no for. It was embed in my mind that I had to wake up and write in a post it, in my journal, in my digital JOURNAL and on this blog!

Why do I want to teach yoga?
Are you doing something for approval ??
What is the most important thing for me today?
10 things you are grateful for right NOW. 
  1. – MY MOM AND DAD – (First thought that came into my mind.)
  2. – I am healthy
  3. -My relationship with my sister and brother
  4. -YOGA
  5. – MY teachers
  6. -Money!!!
  7. -My bed/pillows.
  8. -MY FAMILY!
  9. -Discovering love for myself and clearing out the fog from my heart chakra.
  10. -teaching
  11. – love
  13. -learning!
  14. -my jobs from real estate to front desk to teaching!

Also playlist for the week:


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