The peeps I stalk in SPOTIFY!

This a blog post dedicated to the people I stalk on SPOTIFY!!!

KELLY O– She is my sister and has very nice music yin tender music:
Favorite playlist: Quite Slow Flow

Camille Heller- I had the pleasure of assisting Camille’s Tuesday 7:45am class at Lyons Den Power Yoga! (she has the best music to get your day going.)
Favorite playlist: 3-7-17

 Brandi Ryans Foster- Brandi is a playlist Goddess! Playlist Genius

Favorite Playlist: Silence(First playlist I followed!)

Katie Richey- Katie is also a playlist genius.All her playlist are just meant for your to melt into your movement! 
Favorite Playlist: 10.24.16 (I remember just feeling like yea this is it!)

Alfredo-I stalk Alfredo so hard on Spotify! He listens to all the best Music!
Favorite Playlist: fredo 12.11.16 (made a playlist just for yoga vibes.)

Julianne- My Miami yogi friend. It was so awesome hanging out with Julianne my last trip in Miami.

Favorite Playlist: My favorite playlist is private so I can’t share!  but here is her vibes inspo! 

Brian!- Literally my baby brother! Love him and love our love for music and yoga! 

Favorite Playlist: SF1

Sheri MA!

Favorite Playlist: FLY BABY!!! 2:30pm FLY CREW


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