Heal from the inside Workshop at Stacked Yoga! June 3 1:30pm to 3pm!

Healing workshop FINAL (1)I am inviting you all to come to this workshop on June 3rd at Stacked Yoga. I am relearning lessons in self-care, self-love and self-healing.There is a lesson in all of it. I am celebrating the lessons! I am taking a deeper look at all areas of my life and breaking it down and restructuring. I am setting new deeper and more meaningful intentions; I am letting the universe take over. If you have been looking to restore to renew and bring new energy into your life, restructure, reset and heal from the inside. I invite you to this journey!  https://stackedyoga.karmasoftonline.com/member/workshops/2139/book

with infinite love and gratitude,

Denisse M.

Sneak peek on the self-inquiry part: 

  1. What would your life look like if you loved yourself everyday?
  2. What would it take to forgive yourself ?
  3. What are three things your heart desires ?

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