Workshops for November

Yoga Touch (1)

Date:November 11th  | 2pm-4pm Hands-On- Teachers or Students
$25 for students
$20 for teachers
Learn Hands- On techniques in a safe  environment. Learn different assisting techniques that will enhance your personal practice and your teaching.

yoga Touch

Date: November 18th | 4pm -6pm Restore your energy: a restorative yoga class and reiki infused workshop.
Reiki is an ancient spirit energy that focuses on healing energy in our bodies.
Reiki Restorative combines two powerful healing faculties for a deeply nourishing experience. When Reiki is offered in conjunction with Restorative Yoga, it enhances relaxation and the release of toxins from the body while interacting with the parasympathetic nervous system to heal and restore to a more balanced state of health and well-being.
Reiki is a holistic technique used for stress release, pain relief and opening the energetic channels in the body by unblocking energy centres.
This special class is limited to 10 people. Part of the profit will go to the benefit her Older sister Kelly Osorio’s Fundraiser.
$40 early bird | $50 late birds

The wrong place at the right time! Divine timing | Kelly O.


Every Thursday in New York, I take this class called FLY! with Sheri Celentano. Last Thursday, I found myself in Miami with Hurricane Irma making her dooming approach. My Family and I woke up at 3:00am to take Kelly (my sister.) and our mom to the airport for her departure to Chicago to beginning her Stem Cell Transplant. My family and I have planned months for her departure, we have prayed,worried, cried, laughed everything you can imagine we have experienced. We get to the airport to find out her flight had been cancelled :/ at this point I am worried and scared shitless because I know the severity of her not being on this flight means a delay in her treatment, a delay in her recover to health. My mom and I are asking everyone for help finally this man says I am sorry the flight has been cancelled the wait to talk to an in-house representative is about 5 hours. He gave us a card and said you have a better chance at calling and getting through but please be patient(Patience). We leave the airport and we call my sister’s  husband Carlos to call, he gets through to speak to a representative the representative informs him that the flight was cancelled but has been reinstated (NEVER IN MY LIFE AND YEARS of flying have I heard this.) especially under such weather dooming circumstances.Literally Category 5 Hurricane approaching and the biggest evacuation in Florida history. We make our way make to the airport, My sister at this point is exhausted her lungs are tired. My mom and I decided that I am going to be the one that steps out of the car to find out if this is true or not at this point it is 6:00am and Kelly’s flight is at 7:02am. I walk into Terminal 5 at MIA and I tell myself, her she is going to help me, she is going to helps us. Her is this woman named Nikki, she is surrounded by 5 people as I approach her and I tell PLEASE HELP ME! I don’t know why she stop talking to everyone else and paid full attention to me, I told her my story , she checked the flight and she said where is your sister? I will take her with me if she comes right now! I call Kelly frantically telling her leave everything she is going to take you and I will get the luggage but just come! I don’t how Kelly walks the fastest she has walked in awhile and meets us there. Nikki takes her, and I run back to the car with my mom we get there luggage because Kelly is/has moved to Chicago for this procedure. Nikki, checks in Kelly and my mom in. I cried at this point because I know that this is nothing else but the divine universe working with my family and I! I surrendered at this point to just having faith and gratitude and unconditional love for this woman that I had just met. I hugged her and cried and gave her my number and email. I am also in gratitude because taking flight has a new meaning for me it means that when something is meant for you no matter under what circumstances if you surrender,  you put in the work, trust all your instincts your breath your body your intuition; YOU WILL FLY! God, the universe, the source will meet you!!!!!!I said bye to Kelly and my mom!As I walk back to the car I whisper to myself, Denisse we always FLY on Thursdays! Kelly and my mom are in Chicago, she started her treatment on MONDAY! #KOSCLERO #HEALING #THANKYOUGOD #KEEPGODFUNKY

greenmonkey Coral Gables: Denisse Monge

Next Week I will be in Miami, teaching twice!


Reiki & Restore
Join guest greenmonkey® alumni Denisse Mongeas she leads you through a restorative yoga class and reiki infused sequence.  Reiki is an ancient spirit energy that focuses on healing energy in our bodies.

Cost: $50 | $40 if registered by Aug 30th  
Part of the profit will benefit her older sister, Kelly Osorio’s, Fundraiser
* Limited to 10 people * 
I am also taking reiki privates but there are limited to four people!


healing_kelly .png
Join us on Friday, September 8th from 6:30-7:45pm for a special yin/yang heart opening yoga class. This class will be a healing fundraiser class to benefit our BEAUTIFUL and STRONG teacher, Kelly Osorio, on her road to recovery!
Like the warrior she is, she is and has been fighting systemic scleroderma, a rare auto immune disease. As this journey has been a challenge, she has received the incredible news of being approved for a stem cell transplant in Chicago!
Join our tribe to send #goodvibes to one of our teachers through this amazing and fun yin/yang yoga class led by her two younger siblings, Denisse & Brian Monge. 
*A suggested $20 donation. All proceeds go to her and her family for medical expenses!*

#yinyang HEART opening yoga class @greenmonkey Coral Gables

September 3rd from 5 to 6:15pm at greenmonkey Coral Gables is have a very special #workshop#yinyang HEART opening yoga class. A special #fundraiser class to benefit the BEAUTIFUL and STRONG Kelly Osorio on her road to recovery!

Like the warrior she is, she is and has been fighting #systemicscleroderma, a rare auto immune disease. As this journey has been a challenge, she has received the incredible news of being approved for a #stemcelltransplant in Chicago!
Join our tribe to send #goodvibes to one of our teachers in this amazing and fun yin/yoga class led by her two younger siblings, Denisse & Brian Monge. A suggested $20 donation. All proceeds go to her and her family for medical expenses! We adore you Kelly! #loveyourpractice #liveinlove   

Our Family GoFund me Campaign:


Weekly Schedule July 31 – Aug 5.

This past week has been a lot of energy in my life. Before launching my sister’s go fundraising Kelly Osorio’s Systemic Scleroderma ( please read story here.) 

I signed up to complete my Reiki Level 1/2 all in the weekend that my family is going through one of the most challenging times in our tribes life.This training as brought me an immense amount of gratitude and surrendering to the power of the divine! Everything will happened the way it is meant to happen! The right people will come into your life! Thank you to everyone that has donated to my sister’s campaign, I am forever grateful! Yoga classes, sound bowl meditations and so much more will be coming between now and forever!!! love u 🙂


Midday Yoga: 12pm and Power yoga 7pm @stacked yoga 

Wednesday:  Yoga Basics 7pm @stacked yoga 

Thursday:  YIN/YANG 10am 5pm Power Remix @stacked yoga 

Friday:  12pm Midday Yoga @stacked yoga 

Saturday: 2pm to 4pm Denisse Monge will be leading a fun inversion workshop! This workshop will explore the breaking down of your favorite inversions such as crow, headstand and handstand.Let’s have fun and take flight in a safe way and break through any fears with going upside down!!! @stacked yoga 

Sunday: 10am restorative flow @stacked yoga 

assisting power ease 5:30pm to 6:45pm  @lyons den tribeca








Kelly Osorio’s Systemic Scleroderma

To you, on the other side of this screen, let me tell you about Kelly Osorio. She is by far one of the most loving and kind people you’ll ever meet. She is my big sister. She has been a daughter for 40 years, a sister and teacher for 28 years, a friend since forever, a
wife for 19 years, a mom for the last 18 years, and a dancer yogi scholar in the art of life. Her very presence in any room brings about healing and joy, however her illuminating perspective of life has been increasingly tested. I like to think of a quote to remind me
exactly whom my sister is, “In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present”. For me, my sister has always been my personal lamp that has lit the way for my travels out of the darkest of tunnels. I’m truly blessed and honored to have her spiritual and physical guidance in my life.

In the hopes that Kelly would be approved for a stem cell-transplant to save her life, my family and I went to Chicago,between June 26 – June 30 of this year (2017.) During this time,my energy and mind were bombarded with questions? “How is this happening and why is this happening?” So I instinctively went to meditate over the situation to get some answers for myself. Upon returning from Chicago I have been drained, with constant thoughts about my sister and what she is going through emotionally, mentally and physically. So I have been binging on the show on NBC called “This Is Us”, because I have heard so much amazing things. The doctor on the show makes this statement: “I would like to think that life gave you some sour lemons but somehow you made sweet lemonade!!!”

In 2014, life gave her a sour lemon; she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called Systemic Scleroderma. (It is estimated that 300,000 people in the USA have this an about 1⁄3 have systemic scleroderma. “Scleroderma: It is characterized by the
thickening and hardening of the underlying connective tissue which support the skin, blood vessels, heart, lungs and kidneys.”) She has been through so much, fighting privately because she has been hoping to get past this struggle in a silent matter. For the past three years, she has sought out treatments, which have been unsuccessful but she along with her family/friends/students remained hopeful that the IVIG treatment she was on would stop this disease from progressing. But Unfortunately (sour lemon), we have seen her condition worsen, but she has found a new treatment in Chicago (sweet lemon with sugar) that has been found to bring this disease into remission and to restore the body significantly. Just this past week, we met Britney (other sweet lemon with sugar)
who have been in remission for seven years!! From the week of June 27 to June 30 she was scheduled for three days of labs, evaluations and consideration to this treatment. (She has been APPROVED, YES and Amen to that!) anything you can please donate goes a long way! 

I have formed this page to help keep family and friends informed of her progress, and as some have asked to know how they can help support her treatment between Miami and Chicago for the next two to three months. We need your love, prayers and a few bucks to make these sour lemons into some SWEET LEMONADE! We can’t do it alone:) any donation helps 🙂 and
you will not be forgotten from our hearts.
With so much love and gratitude!

Denisse A.K.A Niche Monge!
PS: If you would like to follow her progress as she begins the stem cell transplant in September follow her instagram @yogigirlinprogress  or in facebook.

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Essential Youtube Videos for Higher Vibrations

Hi peeps,

I created a playlist in YouTube for Higher Vibrations: I have been watching and rewatching and JUST LISTENING. It has led to a lot of letting go, and holding a new space for pain;Both in my physical and spiritual body. May brought a lot of self-awareness, letting go and surrendering in my life. I was ready to LET GO.

Here are some videos that have brought positivity and healing in my life:

Thank you Gabby Bernstein, Oprah Winfrey and Brene Brown, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Everest Asher, and Glenon Doyle Melton. You bring so much love, light, healing and energy into my life! I am in gratitude!


Denisse M.



June Workshops @ Stacked Yoga

You don’t want to miss these!

Book now!

Let Denisse lead you in this great restoration workshop (above)
Or, if you like to get a little wild, face your fears in this popular inversion workshop (below)

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See you there!
-Denisse M.

Heal from the inside Workshop at Stacked Yoga! June 3 1:30pm to 3pm!

Healing workshop FINAL (1)I am inviting you all to come to this workshop on June 3rd at Stacked Yoga. I am relearning lessons in self-care, self-love and self-healing.There is a lesson in all of it. I am celebrating the lessons! I am taking a deeper look at all areas of my life and breaking it down and restructuring. I am setting new deeper and more meaningful intentions; I am letting the universe take over. If you have been looking to restore to renew and bring new energy into your life, restructure, reset and heal from the inside. I invite you to this journey!

with infinite love and gratitude,

Denisse M.

Sneak peek on the self-inquiry part: 

  1. What would your life look like if you loved yourself everyday?
  2. What would it take to forgive yourself ?
  3. What are three things your heart desires ?