Essential Youtube Videos for Higher Vibrations

Hi peeps,

I created a playlist in YouTube for Higher Vibrations: I have been watching and rewatching and JUST LISTENING. It has led to a lot of letting go, and holding a new space for pain;Both in my physical and spiritual body. May brought a lot of self-awareness, letting go and surrendering in my life. I was ready to LET GO.

Here are some videos that have brought positivity and healing in my life:

Thank you Gabby Bernstein, Oprah Winfrey and Brene Brown, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Everest Asher, and Glenon Doyle Melton. You bring so much love, light, healing and energy into my life! I am in gratitude!


Denisse M.



June Workshops @ Stacked Yoga

You don’t want to miss these!

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Let Denisse lead you in this great restoration workshop (above)
Or, if you like to get a little wild, face your fears in this popular inversion workshop (below)

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See you there!
-Denisse M.

Heal from the inside Workshop at Stacked Yoga! June 3 1:30pm to 3pm!

Healing workshop FINAL (1)I am inviting you all to come to this workshop on June 3rd at Stacked Yoga. I am relearning lessons in self-care, self-love and self-healing.There is a lesson in all of it. I am celebrating the lessons! I am taking a deeper look at all areas of my life and breaking it down and restructuring. I am setting new deeper and more meaningful intentions; I am letting the universe take over. If you have been looking to restore to renew and bring new energy into your life, restructure, reset and heal from the inside. I invite you to this journey!

with infinite love and gratitude,

Denisse M.

Sneak peek on the self-inquiry part: 

  1. What would your life look like if you loved yourself everyday?
  2. What would it take to forgive yourself ?
  3. What are three things your heart desires ?

Athleta and Lyons Den Power Yoga

Date: May 24,2017
Where: Athelta Flatiron
Time: 9am to 10am
Sign up:

Let’s do some yoga and have fun together. I will be teaching the Journey into Power Sequences by Baron Baptiste!

Lyons Den Power Yoga



The peeps I stalk in SPOTIFY!

This a blog post dedicated to the people I stalk on SPOTIFY!!!

KELLY O– She is my sister and has very nice music yin tender music:
Favorite playlist: Quite Slow Flow

Camille Heller- I had the pleasure of assisting Camille’s Tuesday 7:45am class at Lyons Den Power Yoga! (she has the best music to get your day going.)
Favorite playlist: 3-7-17

 Brandi Ryans Foster- Brandi is a playlist Goddess! Playlist Genius

Favorite Playlist: Silence(First playlist I followed!)

Katie Richey- Katie is also a playlist genius.All her playlist are just meant for your to melt into your movement! 
Favorite Playlist: 10.24.16 (I remember just feeling like yea this is it!)

Alfredo-I stalk Alfredo so hard on Spotify! He listens to all the best Music!
Favorite Playlist: fredo 12.11.16 (made a playlist just for yoga vibes.)

Julianne- My Miami yogi friend. It was so awesome hanging out with Julianne my last trip in Miami.

Favorite Playlist: My favorite playlist is private so I can’t share!  but here is her vibes inspo! 

Brian!- Literally my baby brother! Love him and love our love for music and yoga! 

Favorite Playlist: SF1

Sheri MA!

Favorite Playlist: FLY BABY!!! 2:30pm FLY CREW

Just be!

I woke this morning basically screaming in my thoughts DENISSE, stop saying yes to the things you truly are a no for. It was embed in my mind that I had to wake up and write in a post it, in my journal, in my digital JOURNAL and on this blog!

Why do I want to teach yoga?
Are you doing something for approval ??
What is the most important thing for me today?
10 things you are grateful for right NOW. 
  1. – MY MOM AND DAD – (First thought that came into my mind.)
  2. – I am healthy
  3. -My relationship with my sister and brother
  4. -YOGA
  5. – MY teachers
  6. -Money!!!
  7. -My bed/pillows.
  8. -MY FAMILY!
  9. -Discovering love for myself and clearing out the fog from my heart chakra.
  10. -teaching
  11. – love
  13. -learning!
  14. -my jobs from real estate to front desk to teaching!

Also playlist for the week:

Cool Yoga Events with ME!

Birthday Yoga Community Class at Lyons Den Power Yoga TriBeCA
Date:April 30th Time 6pm-7pm!

*This is a heated class. The studio has showers and provides towels! All donations benefit Animal Haven ! Sign UP here:

Athleta Community Class at Athleta Flatiron location 126 5th Ave, New York, NY 
Date:May 3th Time:9am-10am! 
Sign up here:

Beginner’s flight into inversion at Stacked Yoga in Brooklyn!
Date:May 13th Time:2pm to 4pm! 

I will be leading a fun inversion workshop! This workshop will explore the breaking down of your favorite inversions such as crow, headstand and handstand.Let’s have fun and take flight in a safe way and break through any fears with going upside down!!!!

Requirements: mats, blocks, water and openness ! 

Eben Oroz teaching at Stacked Yoga

One of my dear friends/teachers from Miami will be leading two workshop at the Studio I currently teach at Stacked Yoga!


Monday April 10th, 4 – 5:30pm

The Genius of Effort: A 90 minute Asana and Breath Work Class

The road can be hard but thankfully joy is a practice! Joy as does life demands we apply ourselves. It is simply the way of things.  The demand can become heavy. Exhausting. It is a game of effort. It is a simple question of energy. There is a hidden genius within the mastery of this effort. There is great benefit in mastering this energy. This class will work towards both.

The breakdown: We’ll open with a 20 minute meditation. Our focus will be in recognizing how we so quickly shift from optimism to pessimism. These attitudes directly impact how we apply ourselves to effort. Postures can be viewed as technology (antahkarana). Each posture is a tool  that can support us in our shared quest towards joy. We’ll hold the majority of the postures for 2-5 minutes. Maintaining the peak expression of the pose will be an exercise in energy (cultivated through breath) and effort (shaped by optimism or pessimism).

The body will then be thoroughly opened and primed to receive samadhi (the yogi’s joy).

It’ll be a great time working through familiar postures in a new steadiness and focus!


Tuesday April 11th, 4 – 5: 30pm

The Dance of Change: A 90 minute Asana and Transitions Class
The yogi recognizes life to be a stupendous interaction between two great truths, energy and consciousness. The eternal pair dance and dance in timelessness. Their movement create the ripples we know as change (anetya).

The breakdown: The class will begin with a 20 minute meditation. With stillness, sensitivity, and awareness the mind settles. Only from a settled mind can we hope to sense the essence of energy and consciousness in their dance. That is the intention. The class itself will explore the movements and sensations hidden between the postures. The exaggerated slowness, sensitivity, and awareness will create a new definition of fluidity within our experience. Maybe then, at that perfect moment of flow, we remember, “Oh, yeah. I am this dance of energy and consciousness.” From there, the dance continues but now with a certain caliber of awareness.

In savasana we’ll work towards sensing the spanda (the great pulse of life) and softening into its rhythm.This is beautiful exploration of what mindful movement could become within our vinyasa practice.

Sign up HERE:

going back to what broke you.

Days like yesterday, I felt my energy completely drained and I just wanted to sit in my shit! {WORST PART} I did- I took a look at my life and thought this is not the way it was suppose to go and I just cried.I felt lonely  and I just wanted to go back to what my life use to look like. Around 6:30pm or 7pm, My friend Noemi called and she was like “why are you doing this?”and this conversation snapped me out of my shit! Basically, it’s okay if everyday is not a positive one:

There is nothing wrong with falling out of the spiritual wagon once in a while but we can make amends and we can start over and we can be even better. Yesterday I was weak but today I can be strong and everyone that I met and if I love you I am going to continue to meet people like you. Were I am good I am going to get even better and were I get it wrong with you I am going to meet you again down the road and I might have been week in this relationship but I am going to be strong and were I was selfish I am going to be giving! My love is going to free me! – Marianne Willamson 

the wrong story

Some much of my journey comes from finding myself in the wrong story or a story perhaps. Let’s take it way back to April 2015, during this time I have just finished my first teacher training in greenmonkey a lot of my past wounds had come up and a lot of healing was taking place in both my physical/spiritually body. It was my birthday April 30,2015 (about ten days after my teacher training ended.) when I recognize my life changing I was evolving. This particular day I found myself extremely sad something was not sitting right with me, I went home and cried and then the a/c in my apartment broke. I remember thinking wow 26 is the going to be hard and boy was it!!! (This is my birthday playlist which is extremely sad/fun at the same time:   

Mild fast forward to Sept 2015- I wake up in Italy dropping off my bestie the indieprince to grad school. I write in my journal in pencil that morning “I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore, I am done.” I quickly erase it. I come back home and I wake up in Miami and I am like ok things are not that bad. I wake up that Monday Sept 28,15- things are still not that bad until about 11am shit goes DOWN. We break up and I am done for good this time (basically I had been fighting with the concept of being done since 2008 at this point.) taught one of the best class at 6pm!!!heartbroken and all!

SO if you ever find yourself in the WRONG STORY FUCKING LEAVEEEEEEE !!!!! (I am sure there is a meme on the internet.) From skin to muscle to bone, I LEFT! (Noemi that is for you.) 

Why I am writing this today ??????  I woke up this morning like I have every single morning this past week. How did I get here ? How did I wake up in New York City?

“Things that evolved in one context suddenly find their true potential when they move into another context”- architect Bjarke Ingels via Abstract: The art of design

I was coming home to myself! I have met the most amazing person the one that is going to ride with me in this journey and I was coming home to her to loving her. It doesn’t mean life is not hard cause shittttttt living/dreaming in NY is not easy. I am ready to conquer, 2016 was all about healing and 2017 is all about doing! Doing the things that scare me but give me that thrill. It’s about honoring the BADASSERY in each and every single person I meet and loving them and seeing them and honoring them and just being real!!! The real in me recognizes and sees the real in you! I love u!!!!

Thank you to all my fam/friends/teachers/students/practitioners/lovers/nonlovers/randomsetcccccccc…….

NAMASTE!  It’s all good baby,baby!!!!


Playlist for the week :

Playlist for the year: 

Journey into handstand should really be called journey into life cause sometimes you landed it and sometimes you gotta land on your face.